Edmunds Legal Announces SoliSYSTEMS Acquistion by NationsBenefits

Edmunds Legal, PC represented SoliSYSTEMS, a flex benefit card technology company, in its acquisition by NationsBenefits, a leading provider of supplemental benefits, flex cards, and member engagement solutions for health plans. More information about the companies and the transaction can be found here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20221010005188/en/NationsBenefits-Acquires-SoliSYSTEMS-to-Expand-its-Flex-Benefit-Card-Technology

A Penny for your Software Licensing Thoughts?

Preliminary Thoughts for Founders When Licensing their Intellectual Property What rights do you have in the Intellectual Property (IP) and what rights can you sell? This may seem like an easy question to answer. As a founder, you own your IP, right?  Has proper care been taken in getting every employee and independent contractor whoContinue reading “A Penny for your Software Licensing Thoughts?”

Accelerated Vesting – Step on the Gas Pedal of Equity Ownership

I have discussed vesting in a prior blog post “Let’s Talk about Vesting,” now we can focus on acceleration of vesting. What does acceleration of vesting mean? Rather than waiting for equity to vest over time, a service provider’s equity can become partly or fully vested upon the occurrence of certain events.  These events andContinue reading “Accelerated Vesting – Step on the Gas Pedal of Equity Ownership”

What is the difference between stock, common stock, preferred stock, options, units and membership interests?

Know the difference between stock, common stock, preferred stock, options, units and membership interests.

Let’s talk about vesting.

What does vesting mean? Founders and key employees are often granted shares of stock or options to purchase shares of stock with vesting.  Vesting means that the founder/key employee will earn the shares over time by continuing to provide services to the company.  How does vesting work? Startups are generally set up with shares vestingContinue reading “Let’s talk about vesting.”